MINC came into existence in July 1986, with the incorporation of MINC CORPORATE CONSULTANTS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BERHAD. The idea of establishing a Corporate Consultancy firm was first mooted by the current Group Chairman and Managing Director, Akbar bin Moidunny with his partner, the current Group Executive Director, Anwar bin Moidunny.

1986 was the year the country was in recession. Despite the unfavorable market conditions, the promoters had a vision. A vision to change the concept of Corporate Services in Malaysia and to elevate the services and profile of Corporate Secretaryship.

Akbar who had his fair share of knowledge and experience in consultancy overseas, embarked on this ambitious plan soon after his graduation and return from London.

Despite the recession, in less than a year, MINC managed to secure a position in the corporate advisory services industry providing various services to private limited and public listed companies, legal firms, management firms and financial institutions.

MINC's popularity began to soar and eventually in 1992, MINC achieved the following:-

  1. The number 1 position in supplying New Ready Made ("Shelf") companies, having a total market share of 5%, the highest any one company has achieved.
  2. Featured in the business segment of MONEY MATTERS in TV3.
  3. The oinly ONE STOP CORPORATE CENTRE housing Chartered Secretaries, Advocates & Solicitors, Accountants, Auditors, Tax Consultants, Management Consultants, all under one roof.

MINC Group has now grown to be the only ONE STOP CORPORATE & FINANCIAL CENTRE in Malaysia, providing total corporate and financial services one would ever need.

The ONE STOP CORPORATE & FINANCIAL CENTRE provided under one roof are spearheaded by professionals and supported by more than 75 staff who are experts in their field of service.

MINC continues to have the thirst for knowledge, skills and competencies especially with the advent of globalisation and the surrounding k-economy by keeping abreast with new laws, regulations and developments.

As a voice of corporate secretaryship and management, and a symbol of high-level professionalism, MINC is braving the global challenges in today's corporate profession and currently positioning itself to be one of international standards.

The first achievement was with the establishement of a partnership in New Delhi, India to provide cross border corporate, financial, legal and business securement services. The partnership now has more than 30 associate firms throughout India.

46 years of age and obtained his Chartered Secretaryship/ Administrator from London, United Kingdom in 1986. Akbar has a valid practicing licence for the past twenty one years.

Akbar, with his more than 2 decades of experience has beeen instrumental in settling numerous corporate disputes, successfully negotiating joint-ventures and mergers, turning around companies to stable financial condition in the shortest possible time, assisting in preparation of shareholders agreements and joint-venture agreements, strategic planning, etc.

Akbar is also the Managing Director of Exposure Electronics Ltd in United Kingdom, a manufacturing company producing amplifiers, CD players, etc. His expertise in negotiations has taken him to Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc where he has successfully concluded large deals.

Besides being frequently appointed to chair panel discussions on corporate issues, FIC,and globalisation, Akbar also regularly sits on the panel of the investigation and Tribunal panel of the Bar Counsil.

Akbar currently holds the following position:-